And Other Duties, hosted by Karen Ní Bhroin highlights the lives of conductors from all over the world, telling their stories of what it is Assistant Conductors really do. You'll learn exactly what other duties really means, all the chapters that led them to their current position plus the unwritten chapters to come. Successes and the failures that lead to success will be explored, the determination and the lessons learned in this compelling 8-week series!

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EPISODE 01 - Michelle Di Russo

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EPISODE 02 - Nicolas Hersh

Episode 02 Playlist

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EPISODE 03 - Toby Purser

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EPISODE 04 - Duo Shen

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EPISODE 05 - Agata Zając

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EPISODE 06 - Maurice Cohn

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New guests announced weekly

Michelle Di Russo

Episode 1

Nicholas Hersh

Episode 2

Toby Purser

Episode 3

Duo Shen

Episode 4

Agata Zając

Episode 5

Maurice Cohn

Episode 6